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Pronunciation: (gal'ē), [key]
— pl. -leys.
  1. a kitchen or an area with kitchen facilities in a ship, plane, or camper.
    1. a seagoing vessel propelled mainly by oars, used in ancient and medieval times, sometimes with the aid of sails.
    2. a long rowboat, as one used as a ship's boat by a warship or one used for dragging a seine.
    3. (formerly, in the U.S. Navy) a shoal-draft vessel, variously rigged, relying mainly on its sails but able to be rowed by sweeps.
    1. a long, narrow tray, usually of metal, for holding type that has been set.
    2. Seegalley proof.
    3. a rough unit of measurement, about 22 in. (56 cm), for type composition.
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