Meaning of he


Pronunciation: (hē unstressed ē), [key]
— pron., pl. n., pl. adj. he, his, him they, their theirs, them hes
  1. the male person or animal being discussed or last mentioned; that male.
  2. anyone (without reference to sex); that person: He who hesitates is lost.
  1. any male person or animal; a man: hes and shes.
  1. male (usually used in combination): a he-goat.


Pronunciation: (hā), [key]
— n.
  1. the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  2. any of the sounds represented by this letter.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. high explosive.


Pronunciation: [key]
— Symbol, Chem.
  1. helium.


Pronunciation: [key]
  1. high explosive.
  2. His Eminence.
  3. His Excellency; Her Excellency.
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