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Pronunciation: (lē"ā-zôn', lē'u-zon", -zun or, often, lā'- lē-ā'zun, -zon Fr. lye-zôn'), [key]
— pl. -sons
  1. the contact or connection maintained by communications between units of the armed forces or of any other organization in order to ensure concerted action, cooperation, etc.
  2. a person who initiates and maintains such a contact or connection.
  3. an illicit sexual relationship.
  4. the process of thickening sauces, soups, etc., as by the addition of eggs, cream, butter, or flour.
  5. a speech-sound redistribution, occurring esp. in French, in which an otherwise silent final consonant is articulated as the initial sound of a following syllable that begins with a vowel or with a silent h, as the z- and n-sounds in Je suis un homme
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