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Pronunciation: (mī'nus), [key]
— prep.
  1. less by the subtraction of; decreased by: Ten minus six is four.
  2. lacking or without: a book minus its title page.
  1. involving or noting subtraction.
  2. algebraically negative: a minus quantity.
  3. less than; just below in quality: to get a C minus on a test.
  4. having negative qualities or characteristics; inferior.
  5. (in heterothallic fungi) designating, in the absence of morphological differentiation, one of the two strains of mycelia that unite in the sexual process.
  1. See
  2. a minus quantity.
  3. a deficiency or loss.
  4. a person or thing with no apparent abilities, usefulness, etc.: The last applicant was a definite minus.
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