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Pronunciation: (op"u-rā'shun), [key]
— n.
  1. an act or instance, process, or manner of functioning or operating.
  2. the state of being operative (usually prec. by in or into): a rule no longer in operation.
  3. the power to act; efficacy, influence, or force.
  4. the exertion of force, power, or influence; agency: the operation of alcohol on the mind.
  5. a process of a practical or mechanical nature in some form of work or production: a delicate operation in watchmaking.
  6. a course or procedure of productive or industrial activity: building operations.
  7. a particular process or course: mental operations.
  8. a business transaction, esp. one of a speculative nature; deal: a shady operation.
  9. a business, esp. one run on a large scale: a multinational operation.
  10. a procedure aimed at restoring or improving the health of a patient, as by correcting a malformation, removing diseased parts, implanting new parts, etc.
    1. a mathematical process, as addition, multiplication, or differentiation.
    2. the action of applying a mathematical process to a quantity or quantities.
    1. a campaign, mission, maneuver, or action.
    2. Usually,operations.the conduct of a campaign, mission, etc.
    3. operations,a headquarters, office, or place from which a military campaign, air traffic to and from an airfield, or any of various other activities, is planned, conducted, and controlled.
    4. operations,the people who work at such a headquarters.
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