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Pronunciation: (out'rig"ur), [key]
— n.
  1. a framework extended outboard from the side of a boat, esp., as in South Pacific canoes, supporting a float that gives stability.
  2. a bracket extending outward from the side of a racing shell, to support an oarlock.
  3. the shell itself.
  4. a spar rigged out from a ship's rail or the like, as for extending a sail.
  5. a long, flexible rod, attached to a fishing boat near the stern, along which a fishing line may be threaded to keep it clear of the boat's wake when trolling.
  6. a structure extending outward from a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft to increase stability or provide support for something.
  7. a projecting beam, as for supporting a hoisting tackle.
  8. a horizontal steel beam extending the base of a crane.
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