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Pronunciation: (ri-sēv'), [key]
— v., -ceived, -ceiv•ing.
  1. to take into one's possession (something offered or delivered): to receive many gifts.
  2. to have (something) bestowed, conferred, etc.: to receive an honorary degree.
  3. to have delivered or brought to one: to receive a letter.
  4. to get or be informed of: to receive instructions; to receive news.
  5. to be burdened with; sustain: to receive a heavy load.
  6. to hold, bear, or contain: The nut receives a bolt and a washer. The plaster receives the impression of the mold.
  7. to take into the mind; apprehend mentally: to receive an idea.
  8. to accept from another by hearing or listening: A priest received his confession.
  9. to meet with; experience: to receive attention.
  10. to suffer the injury of: He received a terrific blow on the forehead.
  11. to be at home to (visitors): They received their neighbors on Sunday.
  12. to greet or welcome (guests, visitors, etc.) upon arriving: They received us at the front door.
  13. to admit (a person) to a place: The butler received him and asked him to wait in the drawing room.
  14. to admit into an organization, membership, etc.: to receive someone into the group.
  15. to accept as authoritative, valid, true, or approved: a principle universally received.
  16. to react to in the manner specified: to receive a proposal with contempt; She received the job offer with joy.
  1. to receive something.
  2. to receive visitors or guests.
  3. to convert incoming electromagnetic waves into the original signal.
  4. to receive the Eucharist: He receives every Sunday.
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