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Pronunciation: (v.rē-sīd'n.rē'sīd&sec), [key]
— v., n. -sid•ed, -sid•ing,
  1. to replace the siding on (a building).
  1. to apply new siding, as to a house.
  1. a piece or section of siding: to put backing material on the re-sides.


Pronunciation: (ri-zīd'), [key]
— -sid•ed, -sid•ing.
  1. to dwell permanently or for a considerable time: She resides at 15 Maple Street.
  2. (of things, qualities, etc.) to abide, lie, or be present habitually; exist or be inherent (usually fol. by in).
  3. to rest or be vested, as powers, rights, etc. (usually fol. by in).
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