Meaning of skyrocket


Pronunciation: (skī'rok"it), [key]
— n.
  1. a rocket firework that ascends into the air and explodes at a height, usually in a brilliant array of sparks of one or more colors.
  2. Also calleda plant, Ipomopsis aggregata, of the phlox family, native to western North America, having finely divided leaves and clusters of red, trumpet-shaped flowers.
  3. an organized group cheer, usually led by a cheerleader, as at a football or basketball game, which begins with a hissing or whistling and ends with a shout.
  1. to rise or increase rapidly or suddenly, esp. to unexpected or unprecedented levels: Prices skyrocketed during the war.
  1. to cause to rise or increase rapidly and usually suddenly: Economic changes have skyrocketed prices.
  2. to thrust with sudden dramatic advancement; catapult: Talent has skyrocketed him to fame.
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