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Pronunciation: (wēd), [key]
  1. to free from weeds or troublesome plants; root out weeds from: to weed a garden.
  2. to root out or remove (a weed or weeds), as from a garden (often fol. by out): to weed out crab grass from a lawn.
  3. to remove as being undesirable, inefficient, or superfluous (often fol. by out): to weed out inexperienced players.
  4. to rid (something) of undesirable or superfluous elements.
  1. to remove weeds or the like.


Pronunciation: (wēd), [key]
  1. mourning garments: widow's weeds.
  2. a mourning band of black crepe or cloth, as worn on a man's hat or coat sleeve.
  3. Often, clad in rustic weeds.
    1. a garment:clad in rustic weeds.
    2. clothing.


Pronunciation: (wēd), [key]
— n.
  1. 1797–1882, U.S. journalist and politician.
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