where: Meaning and Definition of


Pronunciation: (hwâr, wâr), [key]
— adv.
  1. in or at what place?: Where is he? Where do you live?
  2. in what position or circumstances?: Where do you stand on this question? Without money, where are you?
  3. in what particular respect, way, etc.?: Where does this affect us?
  4. to what place, point, or end? whither?: Where are you going?
  5. from what source? whence?: Where did you get such a notion?
  1. in or at what place, part, point, etc.: Find where he is. Find where the trouble is.
  2. in or at the place, part, point, etc., in or at which: The book is where you left it.
  3. in a position, case, etc., in which: Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.
  4. in any place, position, case, etc., in which; wherever: Use the ointment where pain is felt.
  5. to what or whatever place; to the place or any place to which: I will go where you go.
  6. in or at which place; and there: They came to the town, where they lodged for the night.
  7. where the most exciting, prestigious, or profitable activity or circumstance is to be found.
  1. what place?: Where did you come from?
  2. the place in which; point at which: This is where the boat docks. That was where the phone rang.
  1. a place; that place in which something is located or occurs: the wheres and hows of job hunting.
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