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Pronunciation: (wīp), [key]
— v., n. wiped, wip•ing,
  1. to rub lightly with or on a cloth, towel, paper, the hand, etc., in order to clean or dry the surface of: He wiped the furniture with a damp cloth.
  2. to rub or draw (something) over a surface, as in cleaning or drying.
  3. to remove by rubbing with or on something (usually fol. by away, off, out, etc.): Wipe the dirt off your shoes. Wipe the dust from the pictures.
  4. to remove as if by rubbing (usually fol. by away, off, etc.): Wipe that smile off your face!
  5. to erase, as from existence or memory (often fol. by from): to wipe a thought from one's mind.
  6. to erase (magnetic tape, a recording, etc.).
    1. to apply (solder in a semifluid state) by spreading with leather or cloth over the part to be soldered.
    2. to form (a joint) in this manner.
  7. (of a rotating shaft or the like) to melt the brasses of (a bearing) through friction.
  8. to refuse to have anything to do with; reject; dismiss.
  9. The entire city was wiped out.
    1. to destroy completely; demolish:The entire city was wiped out.
    2. Informal.to murder; kill:They wiped him out to keep him from testifying.
    3. Slang.to beat decisively, as in sports.
    4. Slang.(in sports) to be taken out of competition by a fall, accident, collision, etc.
    5. Slang.to intoxicate or cause to become high, esp. on narcotic drugs.
  10. to clean completely by wiping: to wipe up the mess on the floor.
  1. an act of wiping: He gave a few quick wipes to the furniture.
  2. a rub, as of one thing over another.
  3. Also calleda technique in film editing by which the projected image of a scene appears to be pushed or wiped off the screen by the image that follows.
  4. a piece of absorbent material, as of paper or cloth, used for wiping.
  5. a sweeping stroke or blow.
  6. a gibe.
  7. wiper (def. 5).
  8. a handkerchief.
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