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Pronunciation: (yet), [key]
— adv.
  1. at the present time; now: Don't go yet. Are they here yet?
  2. up to a particular time; thus far: They had not yet come.
  3. in the time still remaining; before all is done: There is yet time.
  4. from the preceding time; as previously; still: He came here on a vacation 20 years ago, and he is here yet.
  5. in addition; again: The mail brought yet another reply.
  6. moreover: I've never read it nor yet intend to.
  7. even; still (used to emphasize a comparative): a yet milder tone; yet greater power.
  8. though the case be such; nevertheless: strange and yet very true.
  9. See (def. 27).
  1. though; still; nevertheless: It is good, yet it could be improved.
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