Einhard āˈgĭnhärt [key], c.770–840, Frankish historian. Educated in the monastery of Fulda, he continued his studies at Charlemagne's palace school in Aachen and rose to high favor with the emperor. Emperor Louis I made Einhard tutor or adviser to his son Lothair. Later he became the abbot of several monasteries and was rewarded with grants of land. In 830 he sought to reconcile Louis and the rebellious Lothair. Einhard wrote the Vita Karoli Magni (Life of Charlemagne), based on his 23 years of service with Charlemagne. Using Suetonius's word portrait of Augustus as his model, Einhard described all aspects of Charlemagne's appearance and activities. Other writings include a history of the transferral from Rome to Germany of the relics of Marcellinus and Peter (4th-century martyrs). His works and correspondence are accurate and detailed sources on contemporary society. However, the annals that bear his name were almost certainly not written by him.

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