Caria kâ´rēə [key], ancient region of SW Asia Minor, S of the Maeander River, which separated it from Lydia. The territory is in present SW Asian Turkey. The Carians were probably a native people, but their region was settled by both Dorian and Ionian colonists. Caria was a center of the Ionian revolt (c.499 BC) that was a prelude to the Persian Wars. Some of the communities joined (c.468 BC) the Delian League. In the 4th cent. BC the region was united under a satrapy of princes, of whom the most celebrated was Mausolus . Alexander the Great conquered Caria, and it changed hands often in the wars after his death. In 125 BC it was made a Roman province (part of the province of Asia). Cnidus, Halicarnassus, and Miletus were famous Carian cities.

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