Evagoras ĭvăgˈərəs [key], d. c.374 b.c., despot of Cyprus. Exiled in his youth, he returned (411 b.c.) and made good his claim as ruler of Salamis. By 410 b.c. he had spread his control over the whole island. Friendly to Athens, he sought to bring Athenian culture to Cyprus, partly by giving refuge to exiled Athenians (notably Conon). Evagoras built a powerful fleet and with it harried the mainland (under Persian control). After the Peace of Antalcidas (386 b.c., see Corinthian War), he lost all Greek support and found himself alone in war with Persia. Artaxerxes II defeated him in 381 b.c. and destroyed his fleet. Given easy peace terms, Evagoras kept at least nominal rule of the island. Isocrates wrote an encomium of him.

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