Enver Pasha

Enver Pasha ĕnvĕrˈ päshäˈ [key], 1881–1922, Turkish general and political leader. He took a prominent part in the Young Turk revolution of 1908, which reestablished the liberal constitution of 1876. By a coup in 1913, Enver Pasha became the virtual dictator. He fought in the Turko-Italian War (1911–12) in Libya and in the Balkan Wars (1912–13). Dissatisfied with the loss of Turkish territory in the Balkan Wars, he helped bring Turkey into World War I as a German ally. When Turkey signed an armistice, he fled to Berlin. Enver Pasha was killed while leading an anti-Soviet expedition in Bukhara during the Basmachi revolt; his remains were returned from Tajikistan to his homeland in 1996.

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