Demetrius Phalereus

Demetrius Phalereus dĭmē´trēəs fəlēr´o͞os, fəlēr´ēəs [key] [Lat.,=of Phalerum], d. c.280 BC, Athenian orator. One of the first Peripatetics , he wrote extensively in history, rhetoric, and literary criticism. He was governor of Athens (317–307 BC) under Cassander . In 307 BC, when Demetrius I took Athens, Demetrius Phalereus was overthrown. Escaping to Egypt, he rose in the favor of Ptolemy I, to whom he is said to have suggested a library. On the accession of Ptolemy Philadelphus, Demetrius again went into exile, dying soon afterward.

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