Jodhpur jŏd´po͝or [key] or Marwarmär´wär [key], former principality, Rajasthan state, NW India. Except for the eastern section, it is largely an arid wasteland. The principality was founded in the 13th cent. by the Rathor clan of Rajputs and was later a vassal of the Mughal empire. The British brought it under their control in 1818, and in 1949 it was merged with the state of Rajasthan. Jodhpur, city (1991 pop. 666,279), capital of the former state and now a district administrative center, was founded in 1459. It is surrounded by a wall nearly 6 mi (9.7 km) long. Jodhpur is an important marketplace for wool and agricultural products, and has a domestic airport. Its manufactures include textiles, metal utensils, bicycles, ink, and sporting goods. The city is noted for diversified cottage industries, including such manufactures as glass bangles, cutlery, carpets, and marble products. Towering above the city on a rock 400 ft (122 m) high is an old fortress housing several palaces and the treasury of the maharaja. The Indian air force maintains a training center at Jodhpur.

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