Schütt, Great

Schütt, Great shüt [key], Slovak Velký Žitný Ostrovvĕl´kē zhĭt´nē ô´strôf [key], island, c.725 sq mi (1,880 sq km), SW Slovakia, in the Danubian lowlands between the Danube River and its northern arm. It extends c.55 mi (90 km) from Bratislava to Komárno. The island's fertile soil produces a variety of crops. Opposite the Great Schütt lies Szigetközsĭ´gĕtkûz [key], or the Little Schütt, an island c.30 mi (50 km) long and up to c.10 mi (16 km) wide, in NW Hungary between the Danube River and its southern arm. Wheat, rye, and dairy products are produced there. In 1954 a disastrous flood submerged much of the island.

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