Jehoash jēhō´ăsh [key] or Joash jō´ăsh [key], in the Bible. 1 King of Israel, son and successor of Jehoahaz. He was generally successful in a war with Damascus, and he conquered Amaziah of Judah. He was succeeded by his son Jeroboam II. 2 King of Judah, son of Ahaziah 2. When his father was murdered and his grandmother Athaliah seized the power and massacred the royal family, Jehoash, a baby, was saved by his aunt and uncle, Jehosheba and Jehoiada (see Jehoiada 1 ). He was dominated by his guardians when he became king six years later. He was responsible for religious reforms against Baal worship. After a long reign he was assassinated. 3 Gideon's father. 4 One of Ahab's sons. 5 Judahite. 6 Benjamite. 7 One who joined David at Ziklag. 8 One of David's officers.

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