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the winds blow and the waves splash	the giant squid is taking a bath	But that won't stop George, Fred, and Lee	from tickling thee.	—Sabrina, 12 
I brewed a potion to keep us warm outside —Erica, 10 Magic is a funny thing To use it all you have to do is want something, and let yourself have it. And when you pass the test of life happiness becomes you. —Reid, 13
Fun Fun Fun For everyone Especially on the run Harry Potter Harry Potter Your brain will never rotter —Noah, 10
Harry, oh Harry I love you more than you shall ever know —"Hermione"
Harry Potter Zooming, flying, writing Hiding, zipping, fighting flipping, flopping, spying Snooping around Harry Potter —Samantha, 9 1/2
Harry is soaring through the sky He wants to catch that Snitch he has all the courage he needs —Melissa, 12

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