Pronunciation Key

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff
Key to Pronunciation (table)

Key to Pronunciation Symbols

usofa (sOfu), item (Itum), easily (EzulE),
cannon (kanun), circus (srkus)
aact (akt), bat (bat)
Aape (Ap), fail (fAl), day (dA)
air (r), care (kr)
art (rt), father (fur)
bback (bak), labor (lAbur), cab (kab)
chchin (chin), hatchet (hachut), rich (rich)
ddock (dok), lady (lAdE), sad (sad)
eend (end), steady (stedE), met (met)
Eeve (Ev), clear (klEr), see (sE)
ffat (fat), phase (fAz), cough (kf)
gget (get), bigger (bigur), tag (tag)
hhand (hand), ahead (uhed)
hwwheel (hwEl), which (hwich)
iit (it), pill (pil), mirror (mirur)
Iiron (Iurn), eye (I), buyer (bIur)
jjam (jam), ginger (jinjur), edge (ej)
kkit (kit), tackle (takul), cook (kook)
llittle (litul), holly (holE), pull (pool)
mman (man), hammer (hamur), climb (klIm)
nnew (noo), known (nOn), winner (winur)
ngsinging (singing), finger (finggur),
sang (sang), sank (sangk)
ohot (hot), body (bodE)
Oover (Ovur), hope (hOp), grow (grO)
orbit (rbit), fall (fl), saw (s)
oofoot (foot), wolf (woolf),
put (poot), pure (pyoor)
OOboot (bOOt), lose (lOOz), drew (drOO),
true (trOO)
oioil (oil), royal (roiul), boy (boi)
ouout (out), crowd (kroud), how (hou)
ppipe (pIp), happy (hapE)
rroad (rOd), appeared (upErd),
carpenter (krpuntur)
sso (sO), cite (sIt), baste (bAst)
shshall (shal), sure (shOOr), nation (nAshun)
ttight (tIt), better (betur), talked (tkt)
ththin (thin), bath (bath)
then (en), father (fur), bathe (bA)
ubut (but), flood (flud), some (sum)
curl (krl), girl (grl), fern (frn),
worm (wrm)
vvest (vest), trivial (trivEul), eve (Ev)
wwax (waks), twins (twinz), coward
yyou (yOO), onion (unyun)
zzipper (zipur), ease (Ez), treads (tredz)
zhpleasure (plezhur), rouge (rOOzh)
Foreign Sounds
as in French peu (p), German Goethe (gtu)
as in French Cluny (klnE)
khas in German ach (kh), ich (ikh); Scottish loch (lokh)
Nthis symbol indicates that the preceding vowel is nasal as in French cinq
(saNk), un (N), sans (sN), tombe (tNb), en (N)
Accents and Hyphens
primary accent, written after accented vowel or syllable: Nebraska (nubrasku), James Buchanan (byOOkanun)
"secondary accent: Mississippi (mis"us-sipE)
dash, replacing obvious portion of pronunciation: hegemony (hijemunE,
hE, hejumO"nE, hegu)
-hyphen, to prevent ambiguity in syllabification: Erlanger (rlang-ur),
dishearten (dis-hrtun)