Marissa's Time Travel Essay

Space Travel Adventure at the Museum of Science


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Marissa is a fourth-grade student at Rockport Elementary School in Massachusetts. She wrote this essay about time travel.

One beautiful, sunny afternoon my dad brought my brother and I to the Planetarium at the Museum of Science in Boston. It was filled with people watching the beginning of a show about stars. The room was pitch black except for the shimmering stars on the walls and ceiling. My dad, my brother, and I stood there watching it. I noticed that the middle of the room started swirling. It sucked my dad, then my brother, and then me into it.

We were spinning, and when we stopped we were floating in the air. We were wearing astronaut suits! I heard calm music playing in the background. It felt like we were flying birds. The astronaut suits were white, and it looked like we had fishbowls on our heads. We floated around and we saw black rocks that were as big as a dinosaurs egg.

We also flew by the Big Dipper and Orion, which were both mentioned in the Planetarium show. The stars were so pretty and sparkly like a full moon on a clear night. Then about two hours, later we got dropped in three white chairs. They were different than the chairs started out in at the Museum of Science.