Ross Has an Unfortunate Encounter with a Horse

Fear of Horses Endures


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Ross is a fourth-grade student at Rockport Elementary School in Massachusetts. He wrote this essay about his worst fear.

My fear of horses all started back one day when I was two or three years old. It was a beautiful early spring day in Rockport, and I was two streets away from my street. I was at a horse farm. Did I mention I loved horse at this point? I was feeding a brown horse with a white nose flat-handed like you were supposed to do. When all of a sudden it went CHOMP!!!

You are probably wondering about that CHOMP! It was the large brown horse biting off my finger. The bite was only down to the start of the fingernail. It swallowed the tip of my finger whole! I think it might of thought it was a carrot. I was with my friend Matthew and our parents. My mom was screaming because she noticed my finger was gone. I was crying because it felt like a razorblade cutting through my finger, and I just really loved that finger. My friend's mom wrapped it up. My mom called my dad and we were off to Children's Hospital in Boston.

As we drove there I stopped crying a little and it didn't hurt as much. When we got to the hospital the doctor in the emergency room put some cleaning products on it and asked some questions. He put a Band-Aid on it and told me it could not get wet. He said it would grow back, but my mom didn't believe him. Then we went home.

It started to grow back and as I got older, but I decided that I was never going within a 15 feet range of any horse! To this day, I never have. My finger is smaller than the left one but I am okay. It did grow back!

I did go back to the horse farm and made the horse say sorry. I was only two or three! It might sound strange, but it bobbed its head up and down. It was really weird. I heard this saying from a TV show: "If you are planning to do something don't expect it to go perfectly." I guess that is true about my day with that horse!

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