Islam Glossary

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Important figures, branches, and traditions

by David Johnson
  • Aga Khan Spiritual leader of the Ismailis
  • Alawite An Islamic sect
  • Ali One of the Prophet's first followers
  • Black Muslims American religious movement
  • Caliph Leader of the Islamic state
  • Calligraphy Writing developed to beautify the earliest Qur'ans
  • Fakir Believes poverty brings one closer to God
  • Fatima Prophet's daughter
  • Fatwa Religious edict which can not be revoked, but only supplanted by newer edicts
  • Jihad Religious struggle—either a spiritual struggle to better oneself, or a physical struggle undertaken to fight injustice or defend Islam.
  • Jerusalem Islam's third holiest city
  • Mecca Islam's holiest city
  • Medina Islam's second holiest city
  • Mosque Islamic house of worship
  • Mufti Islamic lawyer
  • Muhammad The name of the Prophet
  • Mullah Religious authority
  • Muslim One who embraces Islam
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