Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff

Cards, gift certificates, bookmarks, and other great ideas for mom this year

by Erin Teare Martin

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    And don't forget grandmothers, aunts, and other important women in your life!


    Print card, decorate however you wish, and add your favorite Mother's Day wish. If you use markers, we suggest pasting two pieces of paper together when you make the card so that the marker won't bleed through.


    Print and cut out bookmark, decorate. Cut out a backing from a cereal box and paste on to the back of the bookmark (this will make it stiff).

    Gift Certificates

    Choose different chores that you could help mom with, for example, doing the dishes (including putting them away), cleaning your room without her having to ask, folding and putting away laundry, raking leaves and doing other yard work, fixing her computer if it breaks, washing her car, or making your own lunch.

    Cut a piece of paper into fours, write the task you will perform on the card, and decorate the certificate with your own fantastic art.

    You can wrap the certificates or let your art do the talking!

    Things to do around the house on Mother's Day:

    • Make mom breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or perhaps all three.
    • Don't fight with your siblings.
    • Do all of your homework without having to be reminded.
    • Do all of your chores without having to be reminded.
    • Set and clear the dinner table.
    • Ask your mom about herself: what are her favorite things to do, what are her favorite books, what is the story of the day you were born, or how did she meet your father?
    • Do something simple that she loves to do. Perhaps play a board game or go for a walk together.
    • Set and clear the dinner table.
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