On This Day: August 20th

This is 233rd day of the year and 133 days remain in the year.

in history
As part of his Great Society policies, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act which, among other things, established the Head Start program.
The Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations invaded Czechoslovakia.
The space probe Voyager 2 was launched. It continues to explore to this day, and is now more than 7 billion miles from Earth.
Italian Reinhold Messner made the first successful solo ascent of Mount Everest and without oxygen.
U.S. cruise missiles hit suspected terrorist bases in Afghanistan and the Sudan.
Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship becoming the first player since Ben Hogan in 1953 to win three majors in one year.
August 20 Birthdays
Oliver Hazard Perry1785–1819, American naval officer, born in South Kingstown, Rhode Island; brother of Matthew Calbraith Perry.
Eero Saarinenarchitect
Connie ChungTV news reporter
George J. Mitchellpublic official
Benjamin Harrison23rd U.S. President

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