On This Day: February 06th

This is 37th day of the year and 329 days remain in the year.

in history
Massachusetts ratified the U.S. Constitution, becoming the sixth state to join the Union.
Joseph Priestley, British chemist, died. His work on the isolation of gases led him to discover oxygen in 1774.
The Spanish-American War ended when a peace treaty between Spain and the United States was signed.
The 20th Amendment to the Constitution, which set the date for the president's inauguration on Jan. 20, was adopted.
The popular board game Monopoly® went on sale for the first time.
Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.
Astronaut Alan B. Shepard hit a golf ball and Edgar Mitchell threw a "javelin" on the moon. They landed in the same crater and remain on the Moon today.
Ariel Sharon was elected prime minister of Israel.
The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II marked the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne.
February 06 Birthdays
Ronald Reagan1911–2004, American President.
Bob Marleyreggae singer
Zsa Zsa Gaboractor
Aaron Burrpolitical leader
Babe Ruthbaseball player
Mary Douglas Leakeyarchaeologist
Jeb Stuartcavalry commander
François Truffautfilm director and critic

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