On This Day: February 15th

This is 46th day of the year and 320 days remain in the year.

in history
St. Louis, Mo., was founded as a French fur-trading post.
President Rutherford Hayes signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court.
USS Maine blew up in Havana harbor, touching off the Spanish-American War.
The New York Armory Show opened, introducing America to Picasso, Duchamp, and Matisse.
Chicago Mayor Anton J. Cermak was killed in an assassination attempt on president-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt in Miami.
The Maple Leaf Flag officially became the new national flag of Canada.
More than 100,000 Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan almost 10 years after the USSR invaded the country.
Olympics officials resolved the judging scandal by awarding Canadian pairs figure skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier a gold medal while allowing the Russians, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, to keep their medal.
Millions of protesters around the world demonstrated against the threat of a U.S. war on Iraq.
A prison fire in Comayagua, Honduras killed 360.
February 15 Birthdays
Galileo Galilei1564–1642, Italian Astronomer.
Cyrus McCormickinventor
Susan B. Anthonyreformer
Pedro Menendez de Avilescolonizer
Alfred North Whiteheadmathematician and philosopher
John Sutterpioneer
Charles Lewis Tiffanymerchant
Jane Seymouractress
Elihu Rootcabinet member and diplomat
Ernest Henry Shackletonantarctic explorer
John Barrymoreactor

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