Woody Guthrie

(Woodrow Wilson Guthrie)
folk singer, composer, songwriter
Born: 7/14/1912
Birthplace: Okemah, Oklahoma

Folk singer, composer and songwriter known for his political songs (numbering more than 1,000) about social injustice and poverty. His recordings include “This Land Is Your Land” (1944) and the collections The Greatest Songs of Woody Guthrie (1988) and Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child (1993).

Died: 10/3/1967

Woody Guthrie
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His son is

Arlo Guthrie

Born: 7/10/1947
Birthplace: New York City

Arlo is also a folk singer and composer. His recordings include “Alice's Restaurant” (1967). He played himself in the 1969 film of the same name.

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