Amy Jo Johnson

Date Of Birth:
6 October 1970
Place Of Birth:
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Best Known As:
Julie Emrick on the 1990s TV show Felicity
Amy Jo Johnson played Kimberly Hart, the pink Power Ranger, in the sci-fi TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. (Among other special powers, she had command of the mighty Pterodactyl DinoZord.) From 1998-2000 she co-starred in the hit TV show Felicity as Julie Emrick, a chum to Felicity (played by Keri Russell). Johnson had a regular role in the cop drama The Division in 2004, and her films include Killing Mr. Griffin (1997), Interstate 60 (2002, in a bit part, with Michael J. Fox) and the killer-bug thriller Infested (2002). She is also a musician; her first album, The Trans American Treatment, was released in 2001 and was followed by Imperfect in 2005. Johnson began playing a tactical cop on the TV series Flashpoint (2008-12). Since the 2000s she has appeared primarily in Canadian television and feature film productions, including the series Covert Affairs (2014) and the movies The Space Between (2017) and Between Waves (2017).
Extra Credit

Amy Jo Johnson was a national-caliber gymnast before turning to acting.

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