Che Guevara

Date Of Birth:
14 June 1928
Date Of Death:
9 October 1967
Place Of Birth:
Rosario, Argentina
Best Known As:
Latin American Marxist revolutionary

Name at birth: Ernesto Guevara de la Serna

Ernest "Che" Guevara worked and studied medicine in various parts of Latin America before teaming up with Fidel Castro in 1959 to force a revolution in Cuba. After the revolution, Guevara was second only to Castro in power and served in several posts. In 1965 he left Cuba and traveled the world as a fomenter of revolution, working unsuccessfully toward Marxist/Leninist takeovers in the Congo and Bolivia. In Bolivia he was captured by U.S.-backed military troops and executed in 1967. Known for his flamboyance and ruthless dedication to revolution, Guevara became an anti-capitalist icon in the 1960s. Guevara wrote Guerrilla Warfare (1961) and Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War (published posthumously in 1968).
Extra Credit

Guevara?s remains were discovered in Bolivia in 1997 and moved to a mausoleum in Cuba? He was played by actor Benicio Del Toro in the 2008 film Che, directed by Steven Soderbergh.

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