Dennis Miller

TV Personality
Date Of Birth:
3 November 1953
Place Of Birth:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Best Known As:
That Saturday Night Live guy who's a conservative now
Dennis Miller became a household name thanks to his years on TV's Saturday Night Live (1985-91). Miller was a writer and the host of the "Weekend Update" news segment, where he polished his comedy/commentary schtick of satiric punch lines and obscure cultural references. After a short-lived TV series in 1992 and small roles in feature films, Miller had great success on cable television (HBO) with the Emmy Award-winning Dennis Miller Live (1994-2002), a comedy-talk show that included "rants" about social and political issues, each ending with the line "Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong." In 2000 he began as a commentator for NFL Monday Night Football, but left after two seasons, just a few months after his HBO series was cancelled. Miller kept his name in the news, however, as a Democrat-basher and supporter of President George W. Bush on the issue of U.S. military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. Miller was immediately embraced by political conservatives and ended up with a gig on the Fox News talk show Hannity & Colmes, followed by his own short-lived show on cable television (2004-05). A frequent guest on the Fox News network, Miller began hosting his own syndicated radio show in early 2007.
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Miller’s rants have also been published in book form, including The Rants (1996) and Ranting Again (1998).

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