Frederique Van der Wal

Date Of Birth:
c. 1967
Place Of Birth:
The Hague, Netherlands
Best Known As:
Sleepy-eyed model for Victoria's Secret
Born and raised in Holland, Frederique van der Wal started her modeling career in Europe, but soon moved to New York. After appearing on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Vogue, she gained such cachet that she soon was known by the single name of Frederique. Heavy-lidded and full-figured, she began a close association with the lingerie merchant Victoria's Secret, making regular appearances in the company's catalogues throughout the 1990s. She also branched out into her own line of swimsuits, lingerie and fragrances. Frederique played supporting roles in the movies Two Girls and a Guy (1997, with Robert Downey Jr.) and Wild Wild West (1999, with Will Smith), and in 2006 she hosted a reality TV show, Cover Shot. In 2008 she founded the flower delivery company Frederique's Choice, saying she wanted to create "a brand that celebrated the beauty of living with fresh flowers everyday." In 2021 she launched the video series Life Cycles, with Frederique interviewing friends and colleagues from around New York City "to discuss stories of life, work, dreams and experiences."
Extra Credit

Frederique van der Wal has a daughter, Scyler Pym Klein, with her partner Nicholas Klein. Scyler Klein was born in 2000. A 2021 story in Westlake Malibu Lifestyle reported that Scyler was “studying Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam”… Fredieque van der Wal is 5’11 tall and wears a size 9 shoe, according to the modeling agency Iconic Focus… Frederique van der Wal was the surprise ‘mole’ on the reality show Celebrity Mole in early 2003.

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