Gaspar Noé

Date Of Birth:
27 December 1963
Place Of Birth:
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Best Known As:
The Argentinian-born French filmmaker who did 'Irreversible'
Filmmaker Gaspar Noé is known for films that are sight and sound experiences exploring the darker sides of sex, violence and drugs. Born in Argentina, Noé moved to France with his family in 1976. Noé made a splash with film critics with his first feature film, I Stand Alone (1998), inspired by his earlier short film, Carne (1991), and featuring slaughterhouse scenes as part of its portrayal of a horse butcher. Trafficking in the scandalous became Noé's niché, which means he is a visionary cinematic genius to his fans and a purveyor of high-end (but not that profitable) pornography to his critics. Known for pulsing sound, text on the screen and dazzling camera work, Noé's films also include real (not simulated) sex acts and improvised scenes. His films include Irreversible (2002, starring Monica Bellucci), Enter the Void (2009), Love (2015, in 3-D), and Climax (2018).
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