Henrik Ibsen

Date Of Birth:
20 March 1828
Date Of Death:
23 May 1906
Place Of Birth:
Skien, Norway
Best Known As:
The Norwegian "Father of Modern Drama"

Norwegian Henrik Ibsen is among the most famous modern playwrights, the author of such dramas as Peer Gynt (1867), A Doll's House (1879) and When We Dead Awaken (1899). His first play was published and performed in 1850 (Catiline), the same year he moved to Christiana (now Oslo). He traveled abroad for nearly thirty years (he lived in Rome, Dresden and Munich), wrote plays and directed a variety of theater companies. During his lifetime he earned an international reputation for his psychological dramas that frequently commented on social issues of the day. His plays are still among the most frequently performed in the world.

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