Johnny Hart

Date Of Birth:
18 February 1931
Date Of Death:
7 April 2007
Place Of Birth:
Endicott, New York
Best Known As:
Creator of the strip B.C.
Johnny Hart began drawing the daily newspaper comic strip B.C. in 1958. The strip, which featured a caveman named B.C. and his prehistoric cohorts, was soon a hit, and remained popular as Hart continued to draw it for nearly five decades. In later years B.C. generated occasional controversy as Hart, a devout Christian, began to do more strips with religious messages. Hart also collaborated with Brant Parker on the comic strip The Wizard of Id. Considered one of the greats of the comics page, Hart died in 2007; his wife reported that he had stroke while working on B.C. at his drawing board.
Extra Credit

The annual B.C. Open pro golf tournament is named for Hart’s strip.

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