Legendary Early Woman
Place Of Birth:
The Garden of Eden
Best Known As:
In Hebrew lore, the first mate of Adam
According to Hebrew lore, Lilith was the original partner of Adam, the world's first man. Lilith and Adam argued -- some legends say she was too proud to submit to Adam's wishes -- and Lilith departed Eden, where she was succeeded as Adam's mate by Eve. In other ancient legends Lilith is considered a demon or a mother of demons, and is supposed to haunt desolate places. The name of Lilith is mentioned only once in the Bible, in Isaiah 34:14, where she is listed along with hyenas and jackals as those who dwell in the ruins of God-forsaken Edom. Late in the 20th century she became a symbol of female empowerment, giving her name to Lilith Fair, the travelling women's music festival organized by Sarah McLachlan.
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‘Lilith’ is the name of the shrewish ex-wife of Dr. Frasier Crane on the TV sitcom Frasier; she was played by actress Bebe Newirth.

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