Linda Lovelace

Activist / Actor
Date Of Birth:
10 January 1949
Date Of Death:
22 April 2002
Place Of Birth:
The Bronx, New York

Name at birth: Linda Susan Boreman

Linda Lovelace was the screen name of Linda Boreman, who starred in the sexually explicit film Deep Throat (1972) and became a 1970s pop culture celebrity. Against her will, as it turns out -- or at least that's what she was saying by the time of her 1980 autobiography Ordeal. For the next decade, she used her celebrity to draw attention to the feminist group Women Against Pornography, but she never escaped her past, which included drug abuse and "peep show" films that she had made prior to Deep Throat. A tall brunette with "girl next door" features, Linda Lovelace was one of the first famous stars of pornographic films, but by the time of her death in 2002 -- the victim of a fatal car collision -- hers was a long, sad story of being exploited, both by the porn industry and the anti-porn movement.
Extra Credit

Linda Lovelace contracted hepatitis after a 1970 blood transfusion that saved her life after a car accident. She had a liver transplant in 1987.

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