Malin Akerman

Date Of Birth:
12 May 1978
Place Of Birth:
Stockholm, Sweden
Best Known As:
Miss Jupiter in the movie The Watchmen
Malin Akerman is a Canadian actress known mostly for comedy, but her career took its biggest leap when she played Miss Jupiter (Silk Spectre II) in the 2009 film version of Alan Moore's graphic novel, Watchmen (also starring Billy Crudup). Born in Sweden, Akerman was raised in Canada and started her career in front of the camera as a model. Akerman moved to California when she began getting guest shots in movies and TV shows, and made her mark in comedic parts such as in the short-lived Lisa Kudrow series The Comeback (2005), and in the films 27 Dresses (2008, starring Katherine Heigl) and the 2008 remake of The Heartbreak Kid (she plays Ben Stiller's crazy new wife). After her turn as the leggy-in-latex love interest in the blockbuster Watchmen, Akerman became hot property in Hollywood for a time. Since then she's had a steady career in films and television, often in supporting roles. Akerman's films include Rock of Ages (2012, with Tom Cruise), Stolen (2012, starring Nicolas Cage) and The Numbers Station (2013, starring John Cusack). On television, she's known for her roles in Children's Hospital (2010-16), Billions (2016-19) and Medical Police (2020).
Extra Credit

Her first name is pronounced “mall-in.”

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