R.F. Outcault

Cartoonist / Illustrator
Date Of Birth:
14 January 1863
Date Of Death:
25 December 1928
Place Of Birth:
Lancaster, Ohio
Best Known As:
Creator of The Yellow Kid and Buster Brown
Richard Felton Outcault was the creator of two of the most popular comic strip characters of early 20th century America, The Yellow Kid and Buster Brown. Considered to be the first popular comics character, The Yellow Kid was a New York sensation from 1895-98, appearing in two newspapers daily and creating an industry of related merchandise. Outcault then created the character of Buster Brown in 1902. Buster and his bulldog Tige were also popular characters that spawned a line of products and toys. Outcault licensed the characters to the Brown Shoe Company in 1904, and Buster Brown Shoes became one of America's most popular brands. Outcault was one of the most significant contributors to the world of comic strips and is sometimes given sole credit for inventing the form as we know it today.
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