Ted Casablanca

Columnist / TV Personality
Best Known As:
Author of the gossip column The Awful Truth

Name at birth: Bruce Bibby

Ted Casablanca is the alter-ego of entertainment journalist Bruce Bibby. As Casablanca he writes the gossip column The Awful Truth, in which he dishes the dirt on the private lives and public peccadilloes of actors and other stars. Casablanca started the column at Premiere, the monthly film magazine, before transferring it to E! Online in 1996 as a weekly (and later daily) column. Blonde, tousled and with a dimpled Kirk Douglas chin, Casablanca is catty, witty and given to terms like 'slurplicious' and 'slobberfest.' He makes no secret of being both gay and an unabashed lover of all things Hollywood. Casablanca also has appeared on the cable TV channel E!, both in broadcast editions of The Awful Truth and as a regular on The Gossip Show. As Bibby he was written for various entertainment magazines and has been a contributor to the TV magazine Hard Copy.

Extra Credit

The name Ted Casablanca was borrowed from a minor character in the camp classic film The Valley of the Dolls (1967, starring Patty Duke and Sharon Tate and based on the novel by Jacqueline Susann)… Casablanca has maintained a famous long-running feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which began when the actor allegedly had his bodyguards rough up the writer at the 1996 premier of Schwarzenegger’s film Eraser.

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