Tommy Hilfiger

Fashion Designer
Date Of Birth:
24 March 1951
Place Of Birth:
Elmira, New York
Best Known As:
Fashion mogul with the blue-white-red rectangle logo
Easily recognized by their blue, white and red rectangular logo, Tommy Hilfiger's blue jeans and other products made him the king of "urban fashion" during the 1990s. Hilfiger started out in the retail business in upstate New York in 1969. In the late 1970s he moved to New York City, and in 1982 landed financial backing to start Tommy Hilfiger, Inc. In 1984 he launched his first signature collection of jeans and men's sportswear, and by the mid-1990s had expanded into women's clothing, eyewear, jewelry, fragrances and home products. His simple designs, emphasizing his name as the brand, were not considered high fashion, but Hilfiger's marketing savvy put him at the top of the industry, and by the end of the 1990s his company had revenues of nearly $2 billion a year. In recent years Hilfiger has suffered somewhat from overexposure, but the brand is still one of the biggest in the world. In 2004 CBS television announced plans to air a "reality" show in cooperation with Hilfiger, called The Cut, in which contestants would vie for a chance to design their own line of clothing.
Extra Credit

Hilfiger is the father of Ally Hilfiger, who starred in the 2003 MTV series Rich Girls… He has sponsored concert tours by The Rolling Stones, Jewel and Britney Spears… Some sources list his birth year as 1952.

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