William Hung

Singer / Talent Show Contestant
Date Of Birth:
Place Of Birth:
Hong Kong
Best Known As:
The so-bad-he's-good contestant for American Idol
William Hung became famous by performing badly in a televised audition for the talent show American Idol. Hung's tone-deaf performance of the Ricky Martin tune "She Bangs" was greeted with sneers by judge Simon Cowell, but Hung's plucky reply became famous: "I already gave my best, and I have no regrets at all." Video of his comically clumsy dance moves began circulating on the Internet early in 2004 and Hung grew into a public phenomenon. He went along with the gag and began accepting invitations to perform "She Bangs" at Cal events, then on TV talk shows and even in concerts nationwide, often with a backing chorus of dancing girls. It was never quite clear if fans were mocking Hung's lack of talent or saluting his cheerful persistence, and Hung himself has continued to insist that he wants to pursue a career in music. His album Inspiration debuted at #34 on the Billboard album charts upon its release in April of 2004.
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