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Ahidjo, Ahmadou

(Encyclopedia)Ahidjo, Ahmadou ämäˈdō ähēˈjo͝o [key], 1924–89, president of Cameroon (1960–82). A Muslim Fulani chief's son, he served with the French during World War II. Entering politics in the French...

Biya, Paul

(Encyclopedia)Biya, Paul bēyĕ [key], 1933–, Cameroonian political leader. Educated in Cameroon and France, where he studied at the Sorbonne and other institutions, he joined Cameroon's civil service in 1962. Af...

Cameroon, country

(Encyclopedia)CE5 Cameroon kămˌəro͞onˈ [key], Fr. Cameroun, officially Republic of Cameroon, republ...

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