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Ben Bella, Ahmed

(Encyclopedia)Ben Bella, Ahmed äkhmd´ bn bl´lä [key], 1919–2012, Algerian statesman. After World War II he joined the Algerian nationalist movement and soon became a leader of its underground paramilita...

Boumedienne, Houari

(Encyclopedia)Boumedienne, Houari hooär´ boomdn´ [key], 1932?–78, president and prime minister of Algeria (1965–78). While studying in Cairo during the early 1950s he joined a group of expatriate...

Bendjedid, Chadli

(Encyclopedia)Bendjedid, Chadli shd´l bnjdd´ [key], 1929–2012, Algerian army officer and political leader, president of Algeria (1979–92). A noncommissioned officer in France's Algerian army, he fou...


(Encyclopedia)Ahmed. For some names beginning thus, use Ahmad.

Ahmed I

(Encyclopedia)Ahmed I ä´md [key], 1589–1617, Ottoman sultan (1603–17), son and successor of Muhammad III to the throne of the Ottoman Empire. The chief event of his reign was the Treaty of Zsitvatorok (1606...

Akhmadulina, Bella

(Encyclopedia)Akhmadulina, Bella (Izabella Akhatovna Akhmadulina), 1937–2010, Russian poet, b. Moscow, grad. (1960) Gorky Literary Institute, Moscow. Her first poem was published in 1955 and her earliest collecti...

Ahmed II

(Encyclopedia)Ahmed II, 1642–95, Ottoman sultan (1691–95), brother and successor of Sulayman II to the throne of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Soon after his reign began, the Turkish defeat at Slankamen, Serbia ...

Ahmed III

(Encyclopedia)Ahmed III, 1673–1736, Ottoman sultan (1703–30), brother and successor of Mustafa II to the throne of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). He gave asylum to Charles XII of Sweden and to Mazepa after Peter ...

Ahmed Shah

(Encyclopedia)Ahmed Shah: see Ahmad Shah.


(Encyclopedia)Ben, in the Bible, Levite porter under David.

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