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Jolson, Al

(Encyclopedia)Jolson, Al jl´sn [key], 1888–1950, American entertainer, whose original name was Asa Yoelson, b. Russia. He emigrated to the United States c.1895. The son of a rabbi, Jolson first planned to be...


(Encyclopedia)Al, symbol for the element aluminum.

Unser, Al

(Encyclopedia)Unser, Al (Alfred Unser, Sr.)n´sr [key] 1939–, American automobile racing driver, b. Albuquerque, N.Mex. In three decades (1964–94) under the aegis of the United States Auto Club (later Champ...

Alamayn, Al

(Encyclopedia)Alamayn, Al, Egypt: see Alamein, El.

Al Aziziyah

(Encyclopedia)Al Aziziyah äl äzz´yä [key] or Aziziazz´ä [key], town, NW Libya, near Tripoli. It is a major trade center of the Jifarah plain. Al Aziziyah was long considered to have recorded the hig...

Falluja, Al

(Encyclopedia)Falluja, Al äl fäloo´j [key], town (2004 est. pop 300,000), Anbar prov., central Iraq, on the Euphrates. A strategic city 35 mi (56 km) W of Baghdad, Falluja is sited where a highway linking Ba...

Farabi, al-

(Encyclopedia)Farabi, al- äl-färä´b [key], d. 950, Islamic philosopher. He studied in Baghdad and later flourished in Aleppo as a sufi mystic (see Sufism). He died in Damascus. Al-Farabi was the author of an ...

Fayyum, Al

(Encyclopedia)Fayyum, Al: see Faiyum, El, Egypt.

Qaeda, Al

(Encyclopedia)Qaeda, Al: see Al Qaeda.

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