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Heathcote, Caleb

(Encyclopedia)Heathcote, Caleb hth´kt [key], 1666–1721, merchant and public official in colonial New York, b. England. He arrived in New York in 1692. He became a member of the governor's council and, in Wes...


(Encyclopedia)Caleb k´lb [key], in the Bible, principal spy sent into Canaan, noted for his faithfulness to God. The name is mentioned elsewhere, apparently in connection with a clan inhabiting S ancient Pales...

Cushing, Caleb

(Encyclopedia)Cushing, Caleb, 1800–1879, American statesman, b. Salisbury, Mass. After practicing law he served in the Massachusetts state legislature and later in Congress (1835–43). A loyal Whig, he chose to ...

Bingham, Caleb

(Encyclopedia)Bingham, Caleb bng´m [key], 1757–1817, American textbook writer, b. Salisbury, Conn. He taught until 1796, then became a bookseller and publisher in Boston. He wrote and published some of the e...

Bingham, George Caleb

(Encyclopedia)Bingham, George Caleb, 1811–79, American painter and politician, b. Augusta co., Va. His family moved (1819) to Missouri, which was the site of most of Bingham's activities. In 1837 he studied for a...


(Encyclopedia)Chelubai klyoo´b [key], the same as Caleb.


(Encyclopedia)Jesher j´shr [key], in the Bible, Caleb's son.


(Encyclopedia)Ardon är´dn [key], in the Bible, Caleb's third son.


(Encyclopedia)Iru ´roo [key], in the Bible, Caleb's eldest son.


(Encyclopedia)Sheber sh´br [key], in the Bible, son of Caleb.

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