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Lamb, Charles

(Encyclopedia)Lamb, Charles, 1775–1834, English essayist, b. London. He went to school at Christ's Hospital, where his lifelong friendship with Coleridge began. Lamb was a clerk at the India House from 1792 to 18...


(Encyclopedia)lamb: see mutton; sheep.

Lamb, John

(Encyclopedia)Lamb, John, 1735–1800, American Revolutionary leader, b. New York City. Prior to the Revolution he was a leader of the Sons of Liberty in New York and helped form the New York committee of correspon...

Lamb, William

(Encyclopedia)Lamb, William: see Melbourne, William Lamb, 2d Viscount.

Blunden, Edmund Charles

(Encyclopedia)Blunden, Edmund Charles, 1896–1974, English author. Beginning his career as a poet of nature, Blunden became a cosmopolitan teacher and writer. His prose works include Undertones of War (1928), an a...

Lucas, Edward Verrall

(Encyclopedia)Lucas, Edward Verrall, 1868–1938, English author and critic. For several years he was assistant editor of Punch. He wrote many volumes of gently satirical essays and travel books, including Old Lamp...

Lamb, Lady Caroline

(Encyclopedia)Lamb, Lady Caroline: see under Melbourne, William Lamb, 2d Viscount.


(Encyclopedia)Horsham hôr´shm [key], town (1991 pop. 38,356) and district, West Sussex, SE England. Horsham is known primarily for its agricultural and merchandising activities, but it also serves as an enginee...

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